27 Dec

Duchesse Potatoes )GooseStolenYule Log

This Christmas, although my original plan was to go with a traditional English dinner for the Charles Dickens vibe, I ended up with a great mish-mash of dishes, but it was delicious nonetheless.  We kept with our original intent by serving roast goose, but otherwise our Christmas meal was random. 

For hors d’ouevres, we ate mozzerella burratta on one of the greatest kinds of bread I’ve ever had (a semolina baguette with dried cranberries and apricots, from our local cheese shop); Stilton (Yes, this was English too); foie gras pate, and Black Diamond cheddar.  While this was enough food to last me a week, I was perfectly content with starting dinner when it was ready. 

For our main meal, we had a roasted goose, a spiral ham, duchesse potatoes, Mario Bitali’s pan roasted turnips, creamed collard greens, and rolls.  Everything was delectable, and because I was a goose virgin, I was in a particularly blissful state as I gobbled down my sumptuous repast.  As if this was not enough, we had plates and plates of desserts waiting for us.

After our gift exchanging interlude after dinner, we returned to the dining room for a few sweet treats.  I had baked many a batch of cookies, including gingerbread men, date and nut bars, praline and sea salt langues de chat, apricot jam sanwich cookies dipped in chocolate, raisin biscotti, and marzipan cookies.  My sister made cornflake wreaths, and my mom  made Swedish press cookies.  All of them were delicious, and we chased down every last crumb with a batch of my homemade eggnog, which was particularly delectable.  Perhaps the most exciting part of the last course was the fruitcake.  Ever-notorious in the minds of most wary holiday eaters, fruitcake receives an unduly bad reputation.  In order to put an end to the phobia, I made fruitcakes chock-full of delicious dried fruits and lovingly soaked in brandy.  After letting them sit in my wine cellar for four months, they were ready.  Enveloped in marzipan and flaunting royal cloaks of icing, the fruitcakes trumped all at our table.  I believe that I showed my family members that fruitcake is a beautiful thing. 

I am despondent about the end of the holidays, but in order to stay upbeat, I tell myself that the future only holds more opportunities for good food and good times. 



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