bubba’s day burgers

16 Jun

hey world!  today is father’s day, and in order to rise to the occasion, I drummed up a new dish that i thought would be fantastic which, as i predicted, was.  even though it was more for my own taste than my dad’s, it was awesome.  basically, everyone loves a juicy hamburger, but what is better than filling your burger with anything your heart desires?  that’s what people believe is the epitome of fun when creating a burger.  As for myself, I was interested in pushing the limits at the cardiology center. 

it wasn’t enough that i was serving beer-glazed short ribs and banoffee pie; i needed to amp up the fat factor.  after all, i didn’t even give my dad peanuts this year.

since i had a pack of marrow bones lying around, i roasted them until delicious and oozy.  then, i let them come down to room temp.  carefully, i loosened them from their boney fortresses and set them in a covered container in the freezer until firm.  then, i cut them into decent sized chunks and formed  burger patties around them.  i generously sprinkled on some fleur de sel, and then i was ready.  since the marrow was already cooked, I didn’t have to overcook the burger in order to cook the marrow, so i grilled the burgers to medium-rare perfection, and  the marrow softened up again to form a decadent, molten center for my burger.  even though the burger was great on a bun alone, it was not half bad with some soft blue cheese on top.  even though my stomach is on a digestive strike as I type this recipe, i am in an endorphine-filled euphoria.  please try this recipe.  it will change who you are.

if you love this recipe, leave your comments.  i’d love to hear from you.



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