Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies !!!!!!

29 Aug

     My first experience pairing chocolate with something salty happened when I was younger at a Chanukah party at my house.  My friends brought dessert, and after such a filling meal, the prospect of fitting another course into my stomach was daunting, especially after seeing what they brought.  A dense and dark flourless chocolate torte sat mockingly on our dining room table.  However, I didn’t let my full stomach get in the way of having a piece. 

    It looked so good that I didn’t even take the time to grab a new plate, so I used my original, which was still litered with remnants of my dinner.  After the first few bites of cake, I was jonesing from the richness.  Now, the “balance of flavors conscience” inside my head craved salt.  With one fell swoop of my fork, I gathered up a bite of chocolate torte and latke–the salty potato pancake–in one.  It was actually a good combination, and the latke was just the thing to get down the rest of that cake. 

     Since then, I have tried sweet and savory combinations often, as they have risen in popularity.  I am also a big fan of the Bacon Chocolate Bar at Vosges in New York. 

     The last time I was making chocolate chip cookies, I spotted a container of leftover rendered bacon pieces in my refrigerator.  Since they were already cut up into small bits, I dumped them into the cookie dough along with some fleur de sel.  After forming the cookies, I sprinkled them with some maple sugar and Australian Sea Salt and put them in to bake.  At the end of their time in the oven, a heavenly smell enveloped the kitchen.  It was the harbinger of delectablility; the cookies themselves were fantastic. 

     I will be tempted to make them again every time I reach for the chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I will be lucky to convince friends to eat them with me.

2 Responses to “Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies !!!!!!”

  1. getinmebelly August 31, 2008 at 3:25 pm #

    Definitely try them –they’re great


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