Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar

25 Jan

My sister and I had been dying to visit this house of sin ever since we first laid our eyes on a newspaper blurb announcing its opening.  Chorizo challah?  Compost cookies?  And we just had to try the cereal milk…  The thought of a bakery associated with David Chang made visions of pork buns and more dance through my head.  Luckily, not long after we planned our pilgrimage to the bakery, we found ourselves crossing the threshold into the small but welcoming store. 

            There is not much going for the place from a design perspective, especially when compared to its handsomer conjoined twin, the Ssam bar.  However, its two chalk boards, chock full of the days offerings, boast such ethereal delights that one wonders if it would be proper to adorn greatness.  There are two tall wooden tables at which stay-in customers can stand while they consume their goods; their simplicity allows the food center stage.

            At the counter, my sister, my dad, and I had trouble deciding among all of the amazing-looking creations, but we finally ordered a somewhat piggy array of treats.  Our purchases included a compost cookie, replete with chocolate chips, pretzels, and more; an order of those fatty pork buns that are illegal to pass up; graham cracker flavored soft-serve with peanut butter halva, brown butter solids, and hot fudge; a piece of dulce de leche cake; and, of course, a cup of cereal milk.  I know, I know–but we were watching our waistlines. 

            As always, the pork buns were phenomenal.  A crisp layer of fat added to the true pork flavor of the Berkshire belly, and the hoi sin sauce and pickles amplified the vast spectrum of flavor sensations on the soft, pillow-y bun.  Living up to its name, the compost cookie lacked nothing, and we loved the cookie dough’s chewy-tender texture along with the sweet and salty mix-ins.  The soft-serve was a perfect graham-cracker flavor, and even though the hot fudge was a frozen-on-contact bust, the halva and brown butter were great.  I only wished that they had had the fingerling potato chip topping that day.  However, of the sundaes I’ve consumed in this life, Momofuku’s was a top contender if not the best. 

If I’d been the one to order cake, I probably would have gone for the banana cake or chocolate cake, but my dad had his eye on the dulce de leche.  Unfortunately, even though the cake and the fillings were flawless and delicious, I felt that harmony was lacking on the whole.  Perhaps some more filling would have balanced the dry to wet ratio.  Still, the flavor was there, so I was without complaint on that one. 

            We washed down all of these crazy concoctions with that large cup of cereal milk.  And oh, what cereal milk.  Velvety whole milk was sweet and voluptuous, with the perfect hint of cornflakes.  If one thing in this world could send a person back to his or her childhood, this is it.  Even if it sounds overrated, this milk was a great concept and is a significant addition to the bakery.  Now I sometimes wish that I had a cornflake cow that I could milk for this stuff. 

            Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar is a funky establishment that offers many a delectable treat to the world.  You don’t have to be a foodie to love the stuff there; its flavors are accessible and delightful for all.  If you pass the Pinkberry in the same neighborhood, do yourself a favor and skip it for Momofuku.  It is overrated, and you’ll be glad that you did. 


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