Super Bowl Recap

4 Feb

Although my main culinary focus during the super bowl normally comes from the states involved in the big game, I flouted such inspiration this year.  What would I honestly be so inclined to make from Arizona?  Cactus candy?  While I have eaten some upstanding food in that state before, nothing Arizonian really called to me this past weekend. 

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers could have offered a decent basis for game time grub, but I was not feelin’ the vibe of the Brats, dumplings, or slaw.  What to do?

Well, the answer lay in the nature of the sport:  what do all football fans have in common?  Mostly a healthy appetite.  Well, with that in mind, I had no problem using a loose interpretation to create my menu.

This year, I took on the ultimate challenge: the turducken.  Not only did I cook this monster myself, but I deboned each bird and formulated a new and appropriate flavor scheme.  Because it would be the centerpiece for a football repast, I slathered the roasted turducken in hot wing sauce, made of Frank’s and melted butter.  Sticking with the classic spicy-cool combination, I made a blue cheese stuffing to go in between the birds.  Not only conceptually was this bird awesome; the flavor was more intense than the last quarter of the Super bowl XLIII itself! 

buffalo style turducken

buffalo style turducken

 As the writing was already on the wall for a lesson in gluttony, I did not try to keep dessert light.  Why should I?  The football fans to whom I would offer it would either accept a slice in celebration that their team won or eating one to cure their misery after a grueling vicarious defeat.  Therefore there would be no griping about waistlines.  After all, who can gripe about his or her own weight after witnessing hulking NFL players rocking jiggly bods under unforgiving tights?  I can’t.

Therefore, I give you a cake that takes too long to explain to name by flavor.  I dubbed it the, “Crazy bitch cake.”  This may or may not have something to do with its creator.  The decadent cake began as a hankering to make all of the above when I ran a series of ideas through my brain late at night. 

The base of the cake is a layer of blondie, complimented by the captain crunch and butterscotch chips that I incorporated into the batter.  My love for sweetened condensed milk caused me to apply a thick, boiled-down layer of it on top of the blondie–a quasi dulce de leche.  My momentum gaining, I baked some vanilla cake made with yogurt and creme fraiche, and one of those layers rested atop the dulce de leche.  Then I spread layers of freshly baked pumpkin cheesecake and sour cream and topped them with the other cake layer.  Last but not least, I enrobed the cake’s sides with a pancake flavored buttercream (which I flavored with vanilla, maple syrup, and brown butter), and topped it all off with white chocolate ganache.  Oh, and I surrounded the bottom with crushed Ritz crackers.  It was sicknastic-tastic to say the least.  If you’re ever up late at night, do yourself a favor and make a cake.  It’s that good a result.

Crazy Bitch Cake

Crazy Bitch Cake

Happy late superbowl!!


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