The New Hashbrownies

22 May

My most recent spark of creativity produced the ideal stoner food.  Hashbrownies!  Not original, you contest?  Guess again– these brownies don’t get you stoned, but they are the perfect thing to satisfy that random and incessant hunger that plagues many who are part of the weed-happy subculture.  My hashbrownies are topped with hashbrowns!


We’ve all heard of salty sweets by now, so it should be no surprise that these brownies are amazing.  In a fit of wittiness, I fried up some panchetta, sliced scallions, and brunoise potatoes until it was all crisp and I was able to mash down some of the potatoes.  I seasoned with salt and then topped a traditional batch of rich brownie batter with the hash and baked it off. 






The result was immensely satisfying, and even the most skeptical of my friends enjoyed them.  The panchetta was crisp, and the potatoes added a savory fun to the flavor profile.  It seems that the more I combine sweet and savory items, the more I question the reason for which the two were ever segregated!



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