How to Get a Momofuku Ko Reservation When You’re in School at 10:00 AM

14 Jun





I have been coveting the ever illusive Momofuku Ko reservation ever since I heard of its opening.  The online reservation system requires the reserver to commit spontaneously to the first open spot that he or she sees available, so it is necessary to have a pretty flexible schedule the week following the day the person makes the reservation.  This is not the problem, however.

The issue lies in clicking fast enough.  One attempting to make a resrvation may click fiendishly on the green check marks on their computer screen only to find that the spot has been taken.  Other times, the person may click in time but subsequently hit “accept” too late, finding their spot already taken. 

The above circumstancesare ones I have experienced.  However, because I am in school every day at ten AM, I have an even more challenging time logging onto the reservation portal, let alone successfully making a reservation. 

This past week, however, I became impatient, and I resolved to get my resrvation come hell and high water.  I honed my skills at logging onto momofuku’s website in between classes:

Day 1:

I walked to the library at 9:55, only to get stuck behind a line of children visiting our school.  By the time I clicked a check, it had been taken.  I was late for Art History.

Day 2:

I went to the library earlier.  I waited until the right time, hit the check mark I saw, and got it.  However, I waited a few seconds too long to hit “accept,” and I was beaten to the punch by someone else.  I was late for math.

Day 3:

I was in a computer lab for class.  When class was over, I asked my teacher for a late pass and stayed in the lab, waiting for 10:00 with my credit card ready.  At ten, I clicked the first check I saw, hit accept, and furiously entered my payment information.  It was unbelievable, but I got a reservation!  I was late for Spanish.  It was worth it! 

When I finally got home, I checked my e-mail to find out what time my reservation was, as I did not even take a second to read the time on which I clicked.  I made it at 9:30 PM.  It is the night before my math final.  I won’t be home until 1:00 AM.  I don’t care!




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