Donuts with Maple-Bacon Caramel

9 Jul

The other day I made some pizza dough and had an extra round lying in my fridge.  I didn’t want to make another pizza, although it was tempting, so I rolled it out and cut out circles.  I fried the rings in 380 degree oil, and then I dipped them in a maple bacon caramel and chocolate sprinkles.  It was not a bad result if you consider the taste and not the impending weight gain from eating them all.

I made the caramel by heating some maple syrup, salt, and sugar in a pan.  I then boiled it until thickened and added some heavy cream and bacon fat.  This was an amazing elixir, so if you are vegetarian and want to stay that way do not make it.  If you are unwilling to find yourself drinking this concoction out of a hot pan, do not toil with making this sauce.  If you are unafraid, or, like me, fancy the idea of drinking a sweet, molten, porcine lava, then DO IT!



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