Avocado: Sweet Victory

21 Jul

Ever since reading an article about a girl who enjoyed eating avocadoes with sweetened condensed milk, I have been curious about the sweet applications of the green fruit.  Of course my life had been full of delicious guacamoles and the like, but I hungered for an avocado epiphany. 

As I perused an old copy of Art Culinaire Magazine, I came across a recipe for Avocado Sherbet.  I was intrigued, and since I possessed all of the ingredients, I gave it a go.  While the ice cream machine whirred away, I used the extra avocados I had to make a mousse.  I blended about 1 2/3 avocados with some confectioner’s sugar, honey, heavy cream, water, bloomed gelatin, and a little salt.  Then, I loaded my isowhip with the mixture and chilled it. 

Later, enticed by another Art Culinaire recipe for muscovado brown butter cake, I found myself baking up the fragrant batter.  Because the avocado has a nutty quality that goes with brown butter, I found that pairing the three concoctions would be successful.  Therefore, I topped the cake with the mousse and accompanied it with a quenelle of the sherbet, drizzling olive oil around it for some peppery notes. 



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