Resto–I’m not Pigheaded, am I?

26 Jul

I recently went to Resto, one of the restaurants for which I have long held curiosity.  I have always wondered about its various offerings of pig and other Belgian style foods, especially the frites.  After ahving dined there, I have to say that the food was generally up to snuff.

Really, I would rather eat there again before making any decisive conclusions about Resto, but I will report on my singular experience accurately as possible.  It would probably have been easier to get a general sense of the menu’s offerings with a larger group in tow, but alas, I ate there with only one dining companion. 

Always drawn to more off-beat selections, I immediately decided that I could not pass up the tete de cochon (pig’s head) sandwich with cilantro, carrots, and sriracha mayonaise.  Also, as I am a fan of tasting many different things at once, I found it necessary to order the frites with all of the sacues (there are nine). 

All of the frites sauces were delightful, as were the fries themselves.  I loved the tete de cochon, but I thought the grilled bread was somehow a little disappointingly soggy. 

For dessert, I had the liege waffle with vanilla whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  Compared to all other waffles, I actually did find this waffle to be in the upper echelon.  It was thick but fluffy with a pleasant sweet flavor and a crisp exterior.  It was very good in the whipped cream and chocolate.  Still, I envied the tower of waffle and ice cream sandwich at the tabkle next to us.  Ah, next time I suppose. 

All in all, I was pleased with what I ate at Resto.  I would have to return to verify my opinion of the food, but for now I’d deem the restaurant worth a visit for all.


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