Dorm cooking so far

27 Aug


As a college freshman, I refuse to submit to the oppression that is a lack of freshly made goods.  Well, so far I have been doing pretty well.  After my schlep of a ton of kitchen tools to my dorm, I began to use our oven.  In a few weeks I’ll employ the term abuse, because I will be cooking up an actual storm–a tempest, if you will, of anti-dining hall food.  On the other hand, Cornell’s dining halls are pretty damn good.  So far I have enjoyed make-your own belgian waffles (Grant, if you are reading this, maybe you should consider planning on going to Cornell, because that’s your bag), many different condiments such as nutella and peanut butter in large tubs, multi-typed cereals with Cornell Dairy’s Chocolate milk, apples from the Cornell orchards, and more.  
But back to my own cooking.  The dorm kitchens are actually fully functional, and my mother will be jealous of the fact that since probably no one has used the ovens here, they are actually the right temperature, as opposed to our oven, which is a wee slow.  Anyway, this is the beginning, but I suppose you can follow to see what kind of other stuff I’m making.  Woot!

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