Gourmetifying Cornell

17 Sep

One thing that’s beautiful about going to Cornell is that Ithaca has a ton of local farmers that sell their products at the farmer’s market in town.  This past week, I have been finding time in between my classes to cook my local ingredients as best i can with my limited kitchen facilities and additional ingredients.

This past week, I have made some delicious food.  Today, courtesy of my 11:40 classtime, I was able to make braised goat shank.  I bought the goat at the farmer’s market and cooked it with some blueberry wine that another vendor there was selling.  

the wine tastes like a light, dry red with some rounder flavors indicative of the blueberries it is made from.  the goat had a delicious flavor–very unique–and it went well with the wine.  

also, i made some creamed corn with a local grower’s corn.  my go to spice has been nutmeg; it is one of the only ones i have, and it goes well with this season’s foods.  i put it in the corn as well as in a delicata squash soup that i made the other day.















I topped the soup  with a sourdough and Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese toast and sauteed hen-of-the-woods and oyster mushrooms.  Can you believe this stuff?  All made in the dorm!

This morning I also made a crustless (for time purposes) pumpkin pie.  I also made some pumpkin muffins.














Today was a pot luck meal for the Farm to Cornell club in which I am involved.  Since apples were the only local food that I had access to, I made a gratin out of some Paula Reds and some Gjetost cheese I had in my microfridge.  








At the potluck, it was a hit, especially since many were unsure of whether it was a side or a dessert.  

Even though the dining halls are OK, I am perfectly content with the ingredients available to me now.


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