The Ithaca Farmer’s Market (Be Jealous of my Lifestyle)

19 Sep

This morning I woke up early and walked to the farmer’s market in Ithaca.  The walk there is all downhill (luckily, as most of the other places to which I desire to go are uphill.)  It is a calm walk, and today was a gorgeous day.  It felt like fall, as the morning temperature was about forty degrees.

100_5186Upon arriving at the market, I felt the buzz of a content colony of local foodies.  Ranging from young children to the elderly, the market-goers were all enjoying the present moment over cups of coffee and baked treats.

100_5195The abundance of amazing produce is overwhelming at first;  I was at once inundated with the names of various apples alone.

100_5198This farmer’s market is not home to amateurs; its vendors all have their crafts down to a science.  Farmers have perfect-looking squash, lettuces, tomatoes, and melons; cider makers have a variety of blends that they have composed for more complex tastes; and bakers have some of the most gorgeous breads and baked goods imaginable.  It seemed that I was in heaven as I walked through the market in a trance-like state.


Other vendors sell ethnic foods, and although I was tempted by the Cuban offerings, which included rice and beans; chicken fricassee; and yams and corn, I chose a fried contraption (for what else can I label it as?) from the Cambodian stand and some chickpea masala from the Sri Lankan stand.  The Cambodian fritter had carrots, onions, lentils, and either taro or potato.  This was served with sweet chili sauce.  The chickpeas were also good, especially with the three chutneys they offered.

Malaysian Fritter

Cambodian Fritter




Besides the ethnic food, I got some pork liver pate and some baking lard from The Piggery, apples, and some rye and pumpernickel breads from Fatboy bakery.I also enjoyed an apple cider donut.  Last weekend, I bought some beautiful yarn tagged with a picture of the sheep it came from!

I really am considering asking my parents to cut my meal plan next semester so I can just live off of the land.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea, but the market closes once winter hits.  For now, I’ll just do my best to take advantage of the season and enjoy!


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