According to my Site, my Last Post Was Almost a Month Ago: What Have I Been Doing All This Time?

19 Oct

Here is a list of my current culinary muses and wanderings:

1)  Yesterday, I got in the Halloween spirit.  After watching It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, I made a pumpkin cake decorated as a jack-o-lantern:
100_52672)  After helping out with Cornell’s homecoming tailgate, I took the extra hotdog buns home to make bread pudding.  Not just any bread pudding–cinnamon-chocolate-cayenne with bananas, chocolate chips, and caramel bread pudding!

3)  My favorite new farm that supplies at the Farmer’s market is The Piggery.  Last time I went to the market, I bought pork belly from them and roasted it to go with my homemade applesauce.  This applesauce was smoked (because I burnt the bottom and saved the rest).  Mistakes are the mother of invention.

4) You might be wondering how I am faring with the dining hall food.  It is mediocre, I have to admit.  The main problem I have with it is that there is no friggin meat worth consuming!  Incinerated burgers? No.  Chicken nuggets?  No.  Gross tasting grilled chicken.  No.  “Pork” casserole with chips and rice?  Does that count as meat?  The only protein I get is from chickpeas and cottage cheese.  Help!

I  cannot assume a cake-atarian lifestyle, and I’m not a fan of eating pasta every night…or stir fry.  It’s as though my meal plan is forcing me off a healthful diet unless I only want to eat fruit, oatmeal, and salad.  Joy.

5) I am excited for Thanksgiving.  That is a day of good eating.


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