Finding Protein and Some Sweet Stuff

28 Oct

I recently found a tidbit of time to go to a Grocery store and to the Ithaca farmer’s market.  At the grocery store, I bought some Murray’s organic bone-in chicken breasts and some couscous.  At the farmer’s market, I got some apples and squash as well as some purple potatoes.  I haven’t yet made the squash or potatoes, but I have made:

Morrocan spiced chicken breast with raisin and pumpkin-seed couscous.  The chicken was juicier than a lot of chicken breast I’ve ever had.  I rubbed it with cumin, allspice, thyme, and cinnamon.  After searing it, I finished it in the oven.  Along with the couscous, it was delicious:

100_5284I also made cookies for Halloween to continue the spirit in the dorm.  Here are some of the delicious sugar cookies, both jack-o-lanterns and beer bottles (college style):

100_5289I did not have a pastry bag, so you’ll forgive their inherent flaws…at least they cannot get eaten by squirrels.

This morning, after waking up at six and showering, I found the time to make an apple pie.  I used the rest of my lard from The Piggery in my crust, and the filling had sliced granny smith and a Japanese variety of apple.  I was curious about Jeffrey Steingarten’s assertion that using spices in apple pie detracts from the apples’ flavor, so I only added some lightly spiced cider reduction that I made the other day, along with some flour and sugar.  The pie baked up beautifully, with a crust that is more delicately flaky and crisp than anything.  Here it is, presented on my cluttered dorm room desk:


I hope I can keep up the cooking; my new strategy involves cooking very early in the morning–the time other students use to sleep–this seems to justify my alternate use of time when I am not studying!  I’ve also devised the best method for enjoying breakfast: eating with a bamboo spork in a warm hat.  It makes me feel comforted for at least a small part of my day:


Bon appetite!  I have to go study…


One Response to “Finding Protein and Some Sweet Stuff”

  1. Laura November 4, 2009 at 5:40 pm #

    The dishes you have prepared look awesome! Amazing what you can do in a dorm kitchen!

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