Putting the Cook Back in Cookies and Pumpkin Semifreddo

4 Nov

After a visit to the Ithaca farmer’s market on Saturday, I made some awesome bacon chocolate chip cookies!  This time, however, I substituted lard for half of the butter.  Besides giving a slightly different flavor, the lard kept the cookies a little more structured (like Crisco does) than butter alone.  The bacon was also very delicious, especially with 60% Ghiradelli chocolate.


A few days ago, I also made a pumpkin semifreddo.  The backstory is that I don’t have an ice cream freezer, but I really wanted to do something with pumpkin creme anglaise.  So, after making the anglaise, I beat two or three eggwhites and sugar to a meringue and folded in about half to two-thirds of a cup of the creme anglaise.  This gave a lighter but spiced and definitively pumpkin flavor and froze very well; it was not crystalized at all.  I plated it with an apple cider reduction and salted pumpkin seeds.  Not only did they make for great presentation, but it was a tasty combination!



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