A Fruitcake Sonnet

15 Dec

Some time before Christmas, I make fruitcake.

I soak dried fruit in brandy for a day,

Then combine with batter, now oven-bake.

Even though it’s got a bad rap, I say:

Fruitcake is delicious aged for some time,

Soaked in some liquor; not just any wine.

It’s dense and moist, and much sweeter than I’m–

The perfect end to a feast of roast swine.

Like a vintner, I age my cakes some years,

Sealed in marzipan, they wait in cellar.

Whilst they improve, we all enjoy some beers;

As we dream of a delight so stellar.

Raisins, prunes, currants, spice, and apricots;

I do so like this cake that I begot.


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