Mmmm. Vegetable Curry. With Salmon…

2 Feb

If you read my post about my holiday break, you know I enjoyed a delicious vegetarian curry at An Nhau in Brooklyn.  It was luscious–thick with coconut milk and rich with curry spices–and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It had hunks of sweet potato, round-y wheels of some sketchy gluten material, and large squares of tofu wrapped in tofu skin.  Just fantastic.  I might have asked for a lifetime supply of it so that I might swim in it naked every day while feasting on its contents, Tempelton-from-Charlotte’s Web-style.

Instead, I cooked my own version for my friends and me.

After a shopping spree at Wegmans, I had many different vegetables, spices, and other knick knacks.  So I kind of put them all in the pot.  I wanted to make a really rich curry , much like the one I had at An Nhau.  Ultimately, my curry may have had less broth in it, but it was really quiiiite quite sumptuous.


I made my curry by dredging and pan-frying tofu first, then sauteeing chopped onions, chopped lemongrass, thai ginger, sliced sunchokes, and cubed butternut squash in curry powder and cayenne.  I threw in some sticks of canella (Mexican cinnamon), deglazed with coconut milk, and let the bitch simmer for a while.  I added water as needed so the vegetables could cook, and when they were almost done, I added the tofu pieces back and turned up the heat.  The sauce thickened up, I seasoned it, and then…

I whipped out a pack of 120 degree salmon I had cooked sous vide earlier with meyer lemon zest and parsley and seared it to crisp the skin.  After I plated the curry, I topped it with the salmon, some chopped parsley, and a drizzle of coconut milk.  It was a sight to see, not only because it looked great but also because my friends and I ate it fend-for-yourself-out-of-the-pan style.


2 Responses to “Mmmm. Vegetable Curry. With Salmon…”

  1. Harvey Eisenberg February 2, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    Carol and I went to An Nahu Sunday for lunch. It was fantastic! We had shrimp on sugar cane, Shakin beef, veggie Bun. After a little shopping in Williamsburg, we went over to Amondine in Dumbo for dessert.

    Glad to see the Sous Vide Supreme is so popular. Cannot wait for your next trip home to try a new creation (hint).

    • getinmebelly February 2, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

      That’s fantastic! I’m glad you liked An Nhau. Yes; the sous vide supreme is working great, and it is actually the perfect kitchen gadget for school, since it cooks for me while I’m busy! Next time I’m home, you will definitely be in for something great! Thanks again!

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