Weekly Dinner I

12 Feb

I’ve always wanted to cook for a sort of underground dinner club, so I finally came up with an idea to make it happen: weekly dinners for 6.  I decided Thursday nights would be good, so I created a group on Facebook and invited a bunch of friends to join.  The first group of people to RSVP to dinner 1 just enjoyed a nice meal a few short hours ago…

For the first course, I did a play on a hot pretzel with cheese and mustard.  What was seemingly a cupcake was really a bulbous hot pretzel with a truffled-cheese sauce interior and a mustard mousse on top.  Everyone really liked it, and I can’t say homemade hot pretzels could ever be a bad thing!

After the pretzels, I made a take on gumbo, since Mardi Gras fell yesterday.  I made a roulade of pheasant with duck in the middle (thank you, meat glue), which I cooked sous vide and served with shrimp, onions, peppers, and gumbo sauce, a sort of gumbo-sans-contents gravy.  Unfortunately I took the picture before garnishing the dish with a parsley salad, but that’s ok.

Finally, for dessert, I served habanero-chocolate ice cream “shots” and praline swirl sable cookies. That was definitely a hit.

Such a hit that only one shot was left on the tray when I took the pic!

Everyone seems happy!


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