What happens when you cross a boring Saturday night with hungry friends?

23 Feb

It was a Saturday night like any other.  Actually, no.  It wasn’t.  My dorm was dead silent, and not a soul was around getting ready to go out.  My friends were coming home from skiing for the day, and since I had just gotten home from my own day’s work, I was tired and didn’t feel like going to dinner in a stupid dining hall.  However, my friend texted me to go to dinner, and I felt too bad leaving him all alone to forage for food with no one else around to join him for dinner.  So of course, I offered to make him dinner!

He came over about ten minutes later, and I boiled some fettucini I had in my drawer.  I made a quick smoked salmon and cream sauce with a little thyme in it, and he loved it.  Fifteen minutes later, one of my friends came back from the slopes and was also hungry.  So I made her some pasta, too.  This time, though, I used some truffled cheese sauce I had made recently and some toasted hazelnuts.  She really liked it, and about thirty minutes later…

She was hungry and was curious if it was possible to have more…”You want more?” (in an Oliver Twist voice, preferably), I asked.  By this time, I had a glass of wine and a grapefruit-Patron cocktail in my system, and I was feeling ambitious.  “Let’s make homemade pasta this time!” I suggested.  Minutes later I was mixing together flour, eggs, salt,dry thyme,  and olive oil in my silly plastic mixing bowl.  Delegating the labor to someone with stronger arms, I assigned my friend to kneading for a bit.  When we had taken turns kneading the dough and resting it, we rolled it out, and I cut the pasta into fettucini-width pieces.  After the pasta was cooked through, it was rather thick.  Still, it was amazing, especially in the truffle cheese sauce.

All in a night’s work.

Yummy pasta!


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