What Happens When I Don’t Sleep, continued.

9 Mar

I know I’ve posted before when I can’t sleep and end up making food.  The fact is, I will probably post again tomorrow after another sleepless night of cooking.  I just can’t get the fuck to sleep lately, so instead of wallowing in my misery/listening to my roommate snore/becoming increasingly aware of the guy next door to me coughing, I cook.

Last night, after tossing and turning for hours, I was really tired and felt very unfortunate for being cheated out of a good night’s sleep.  But I knew sleep was nowhere near:

sleepless in donlon and looking very unfortunate at 3 AM

Last night was pretty weird.  I didn’t want to wake up my roommate, but I couldn’t find some ingredients/equipment in the dark, so I grabbed a bag of pears and hit the kitchen.  When I got there, I had the us’: butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, salt and a couple different spices to work with, but I only had a serrated knife, a skillet, a mixer, a spatula, and a cake pan.  No bowls.  uh oh.

There was a pitcher of pancake container in the fridge leftover from the night before, when my friends and I made a crapload of pancakes.  There was some leftover chocolate frosting I had from making a birthday cake.  So I made frosting-filled pancakes.  Sadly, I felt unfulfilled, since all I did was stare at the wall and flip pancakes from a ready-made batter for a while.  So I decided to make something else.  A cake.  Cakes are fun.

I ghetto-peeled the pears with the serrated knife and diced them into small cubes.  When I was done making pancakes, I sauteed the pears in my skillet and then made oatmeal to add to the batter…In the end, I came up with a cinnamon-ginger-oat cake batter studded with soft pieces of pear.  I was lucky I didn’t get it everywhere, since I mixed it in a midget cake pan!  After all, my bowls were lost in the night under my bed…

I was almost satisfied.  But I really wanted to add chocolate.

I tip-toed back into my room, although I’m sure I woke up my roommate with our creaky-ass door.  I grabbed my 10 lb box of E. Guittard 60% chocolate chips.  When I got back to the kitchen, I poured half of the cake batter into my lone 8 inch pan, scattered chocolate chips over top, poured in the rest of the batter, and threw it in the oven.  Yay!  It came out nicely, and although no one was awake to eat it, I left it in the kitchen for everyone to eat.  


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