Leaf Munchin’

3 May

Two of my common cynical food thoughts have been changed by the contents of one small-ish plastic container.  These misconceptinos–

  1. That when I eat greens what is on them is more interesting than the greens themselves
  2. That microgreens add to a dish only what a beehive hairdo adds to elderly women: height and variety

–were blown away when I bought my first container of West Haven Farms microgreens at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market a couple weeks ago.

These little curly leaves are fuckin’ fantastic!  They are spicy, bitter, sweet, and tender, and, even though I did top a dish with them (my lamb and beef tongue–see last post), they added flavor in addition to aesthetic value.  However, I had a lot left over after that dinner, and I find myself standing there, eating microgreens out of the container like salted nuts or Moose Munch or something else equally addicting.  Just today, a girl walked by our floor’s kitchen and observed my awkward, rabbit-like habbits.  She looked confused.  I suppose we are too accustomed to seeing each other shoving Twix down our throats here.

Long story short, in the vegetable realm, these microgreens are crack.  I know I will be buying more next weekend.


One Response to “Leaf Munchin’”

  1. chefbrian1 May 4, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    What kind of microgreens were they? I am actually a micrigreen farmer.


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