The Bluetooth of all Things Food: Justin’s Peanut Butter

9 Jun

hands-free snackage!

After a friend recommended Justin’s Peanut butter, a natural peanut butter, I wanted to try it.  After I saw the story of its making on a TV show, I had to try it.  Justin, the proprietor of the company and creator of delicious nut butter recipes, started making peanut butter in Colorado in his small home Cuisinart.  Later, he would begin to produce it in large-scale quantities for the masses.

The most unique thing about Justin’s peanut butter is that it comes in small pouches (in addition to tubs).  This may seem gimmicky to those who don’t need food for hiking trips, etc.  But today, when I bought a pouch of Justin’s honey almond butter at Whole Foods, I realized something revolutionary: Justin’s peanut butter can be a hands-free food!  As I drove home, I could eat peanut butter by sucking it right out of the foil bag.  Like cell phones are distracting to the common driver, so can food be.  Now, we have a food “bluetooth”: Justin’s Peanut Butter.

So happy driving; safe travels: you can have a delicious road trip without taking a finger off your steering wheel.

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