College Eating Given the Absence of Modern Convention

14 Sep

I’m sitting here in a student lounge, eating a bag of pretzels while doing homework for my Finance class.  I’m bored of it, so I start to think…what can I blog about?…what have I eaten recently?… And then it hits me: I have not truly had a great meal in the past couple weeks.  WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?  I’ve been too busy to cook, to inconvenienced by work to eat good stuff, and, in retrospect, I am ashamed of my consumption of food here at college.  After thinking about my intake in the last week, I start to wonder: what would eating be like at college if we lacked modern convenience foods and dining halls?

Let’s start by stripping me of my pride–by finding out what I ate this week.

Tuesday, a week ago: coffee, a salad for lunch, a mish-mosh of dining hall food for dinner, including salad, meat of sketchy provenance, and nasty, processed desserts.

Wednesday the 8th: The same, except I ate some heirloom tomatoes for dinner, a lucky treat.

Thursday the 9th: All the same except for I ate good chicken for dinner at work and had an Achorsteam beer at night.

Friday the 10th:  Same coffee and lunch, but I ended my night with a great drunk feast including greasy Hot Truck Sandwich, cereal, and a shit-ton of Skippy peanut butter.

Saturday: Salad for lunch and dining hall dinner

Sunday: Family meal at work, including salad, chicken, and pastries; later, chips and cake at a barbeque.

Yesterday: Same old, same old

Today: Oatmeal, M&Ms, coffee, and some pretzels so far…


Now what if we were primitive hunter-gatherers at Cornell?  Maybe we would have less homework in order to save time for hunting the deer on campus and foraging for berries.

At the very least, Ithaca is a good place for farming and hunting/raising animals.  And maybe, given the absence of convenience food, we’d all be healthier, more active, and happier.  Could you imagine Ivy League students taking a a study break to chase down a stray rabbit?  It may seem friggin’ hilarious right now, but to be honest, it could mean a better world.

With the advent of a society in which the average human sits, sedentary, in his or her plus-size body all day, we need to re-evaluate what role school plays in people’s eating habits.  Do I really need to be forced to have an all-you-can-eat meal plan?  I only use about seven of the hundred meals I am allowed per week.  A better use of the money I pay for food at school would be my own use of it!  How about you give me back my $3000 and let me go shop for my own food, Cornell?

While this rant is seemingly odd, disorganized, and strange, it is, in effect, meant to draw attention to the way we eat at school.  Although we spend so much time every day thinking, what we need to start thinking about is how we’re eating.  While it is important for food to be convenient for students, it is more pleasing to eat something tasty.  And maybe even healthy.


2 Responses to “College Eating Given the Absence of Modern Convention”

  1. Michael Kriegh September 14, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    Hmmm….the college diet, remember it well…didn’t change much when I got out either. Life stays busy and bad choices are made a plenty. At least you will be spending your time in good retaurants so you won’t have as much excuse…;-)

  2. holly September 22, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    Hahaha! Shaina, My sophomore year at G’town I did just this. I was trying to save your grandparents some money so I went off of the dining plan. I had a hot pot and a hot plate to cook on. I ate a lot of Ramen and canned tuna. I went back on the dining plan (albeit the modified one that didn’t include lunch) my junior year, mainly because I had a packed schedule including clinic work at the hospital and no time to cook… plus, I missed my friends.

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