We Partied Like the Pilgrims When They Saw Plymouth Gin…I Mean Rock.

30 Nov

We carved the turkey.  We passed the gravy.  We gave thanks.  We posted our pictures on Facebook.  And then outsiders got a little jealous.  Your Thanksgiving looked epic on Facebook, people tell me in passing.  I can’t deny the truth in their words, so I concede that my Thanksgiving was in fact the most. epic. Thanksgiving. ever. period.  But, dear readers, as a blogger and as a college student so offended by the oncoming onslaught of finals that I avoid all school related tasks, I feel the need to relive that Thanksgiving by relaying it to you here on Getinmebelly.  This hero journey takes place over a five day span:

Day 1:

To pick up my friends, I drove the Camry

Round Cornell’s hilly roads–West, North, C-town.

Tomaso, Jim, Austin, Ethel, and me

To Ho-Ho-Kus would we make the drive down.

Some four hours later we got to my house.

Thence we ate clam chowder with my Mama,

While with wine our parchéd throats we did douse.

After TV, we donned our pajamas.

Day 2: Wednesday

On this day we did deliver food

To clients who ordered cinnamon buns

From yours truly, and the weather was good.

Too we picked up birds as did set the sun,

And sought out duck fat in dangerous lands

Also known as Fairway Supermarket…

Tomorrow we would make a feast so grand,

Three nice turkeys to the brining bucket!

We toiled with deboning duck and chicken

And turkey for the turducken, as we

Sipped martinis of all kinds and fuckin’

Ate Brillat Savarin with truffles, oui.

turducken prep

Day 3: Thanksgiving

I awoke to bake pies early that day,

And we ate bagels and watched the parade.

For three hours we prepped sober –such dismay!

sewing up the beast

Until noon when we broke out the “first aid.”

Beer tasting consisted of many brews,

Some lighter and blithe as the brisk fall day,

Some darker like my humor, but all hues

So beautiful and delicious–hooray!

As we drank, we cooked, no less skilled than norm,

And we turned out a feast so epicly.

A jell-o mold, turkeys, and pies so warm

Gravy, bread, veg–we ate and felt sickly.

I was thankful to have friends and the fam

To enjoy the holiday with and chill

And that my friend is skilled with a cam–

Ethel’s pics made our weekend look for ril’.

So here is a list of the things we made

Our food was so sexy, it could get laid.

  1. Malt Beer Brined Turkey
    This turkey recipe was from Bon Appetit.  It was amazing, but, no offense–I think ours looked better than the BonApp covergirl… 



  2. Duck Fat Roasted Turkey
    This was inspired by Chris Cosentino, who showed a duck-fat roasted turkey on the Food Network.  It looked amazing, and ours was great.
  3. Turducken with 3 stuffings
    The chicken had apple-cardamon stuffing; the duck had orange stuffing; the turkey had herb stuffing.  What can I say? It was gorgeous.  See footage of  the brainstorm below

  4. Giblet Gravy
    After making a stock with all our extra birdie parts, I made a gravy with the pan drippings, stock, cream, butter, Applejack, and giblets.  Yum.
  5. Herb Mashed Potatoes
    Nothing beats nice, rich mashed potatoes with rosemary and thyme!
  6. Sweet Potato Casserole
    Brown butter, cream, Bourbon, rosemary, maple syrup, brown sugar, hazelnut streusel.  Done.
  7. Buckwheat, bacon, chestnut, and maitake rolls
    Dark, dense little rolls with a whole lot of umami.
  8. Cranberry Sauce
    Funny story…so we had this cranberry compote left from last year in our freezer, and we defrosted it…and it was amazing.  So we served it again…
  9. Cranberry Relish
    My cousin, Olivia, always makes a killer cranberry-orange relish, so we got her to bring it again this year!
  10. Shiitake and Currant Stuffing
    Ciabatta, stock, butter, more butter, shiitakes, and currants.  Good stuff.
  11. Gluten Free Cornbread and Rice Stuffing
    Some of my family members don’t or can’t eat gluten.  This cornbread stuffing was great even without wheat!
  12. Gluten Free Biscuits
    Just another example of decent gluten free grub.
  13. Roasted Root Vegetables
    We went a bit overboard on these.  They were delish–sunchokes, rutabagas, acorn squash, parsnips, and carrots–but we made too many.  By overboard, I mean that our leftovers consisted of a huge bowl plus two tupperwares of these… 

    this was only bowl #1

  14. Jell-o/Panna Cotta mold
    I made a random jell-o mold just for fun, so the top layer was lychee-cherry-pomegranate flavored, and the bottom was a cardamom panna cotta with almonds and sour cherries.  It really was a great old school throw-back.
  15. Brussels Sprouts with Guanciale and Mushrooms
    These were great.  How can you beat roasted Brussels with a ton of piggy fat?
  16. Apple Pie with Miso Butterscotch
    Inspired by the Momofuku cookbook, we made a miso butterscotch sauce to go with our pie.  It was a yummy combo.
  17. Bourbon-Chocolate Pecan Pie
    This pie is not for people faint of heart.  It’s rich, boozy, and intense.  But it’s great.
  18. Pecan Pie
    Certain people prefer plain pecan pie.
  19. Pumpkin Ice Cream Profiteroles with Brown Butter Glaze
    This was a nice change–pumpkin pie is nice, but these were fun and tasty.
  20. Gluten Free Apple Pie
    Just as good as regular, but the crust is more crumbly.

3 Responses to “We Partied Like the Pilgrims When They Saw Plymouth Gin…I Mean Rock.”

  1. holly November 30, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    Insanely great Thanksgiving you guys!! One for the books!

  2. Marilyn Bogdanffy November 30, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    The Thanksgiving to end all Thanksgivings. Fun,beautiful, DELICIOUS and totally successful.

  3. Mitch Bogdanffy November 30, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    Outstanding! Art and science meet for a Thanksgiving of epic porportion!! Biochemical perfection!!

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