Winter Break Is Not for Sleep. It’s for Food.

21 Dec

I just wanted to sleep.  It was finals week at Cornell.  I found myself in the TV room of my residence hall watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”–my brain was a shameful mush, and I had not worked out in days.  I envisioned my holiday break as a chance to catch up with “me time.”  I would sleep for three days straight, eat healthily, and exercise.

The night I got home, I enjoyed shepherd’s pie, wine, and beer.  The next day, I think I celebrated being home even more.  The day after that was our make-up rendition of Hanukkah with some cousins, and I was so tired, I fell asleep before my cousin left…

Yesterday, I saw “Next to Normal” on Broadway with my family.  The show was depressing.  When I got home, I was mentally exhausted from the play and physically tired from walking in the city.  At home, I fell asleep watching TV at 9 pm.  But not for long.  When my sister turned the TV on at 1 AM, I woke up from my quiet resting spot on the couch to the movie Breathless with Richard Gere.  So much for rest.  I was awake.

After watching a couple hours of TV, including Bourdain and Ruhlman’s Christmas dinner, I got up.  I wanted to cook an amazing meal.  After a week of watching amazing food on TV, I wanted a little proof I could still make sexy, delicious food.  You see–I have been so tired and lazy that I could not even bring myself to go to the mall…That’s just unwomanly of me…and wrong.

But being incapable of sleeping at the wee hours, I made food.  Simmering kimchi, soy sauce, and hoi sin sauce in a pan, I created a sort of marmalade and central umami character for my dish.  My pan roasted mushrooms, quinoa croquetas, and lamb liver were just flavor highlights.  I would have been happy to eat this dish up if it wasn’t 4 AM.

And to be honest, I was happy to have created it, delirious with insomnia.

quinoa croquetas, pomegranate, lamb liver, and kimchi marmalade...

up close and personal...


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