Leftover Lift: Breakfast

3 May

The other night, I made a dish for a recipe I’m writing for the Cornell Daily Sun.  It was braised pork belly with asparagus puree, fat-roasted fingerling potatoes, pea shoot salad, and sunchoke chip.  After cooking up  the delicious thing (find the article at the Cornell Daily Sun’s website tomorrow), I had some leftover belly, roasted potatoes, and raw asparagus and sunchokes.  What to do?

pork belly with all the glorious fixins

This morning, I decided to throw down some hash!  I chopped up white asparagus spears and diced up the extra sunchokes.  After frying them in some leftover pork fat, I added my leftover pork belly (cubed), and the roasted potatoes I crushed to achieve some max crispiness factor.  With a little salt and pepper and a broken fried egg on top, this was a delicious winner.

just glorious and fatty.

I highly encourage you to use your leftovers to the best of your hash-y ability.  It is so damn worth it!


One Response to “Leftover Lift: Breakfast”

  1. Mitch Bogdanffy May 3, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    That looks awesome! Probably tastes even better! Left overs Rule!!! Go shane GO!!

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