Free Food! In Review.

14 Jun

A bout a month ago, a woman contacted me saying she had read my Cornell Daily Sun article on the best snacks suited for an all-night study session during finals week.  Excited that I had mentioned Bear Naked Granola, a product she advertised for, she asked me if I was interested in trying some other products by Bear Naked and other brands and writing about them.  Did I ever—I don’t really say no to free food, and I am not a sell out, since, as you can read below, I gave very honest opinions:

Bear Naked Chocolate cookies

Although my mom was afraid they tasted “too healthy” for my younger siblings’ taste, I liked the whole-grain, naturally sweet vibe from these cookies.  Even though they were “healthy tasting,” they were also very chocolaty and also had many decent sized chocolate chunks.  In my opinion, these cookies were a quasi-hippie-fantasy junk food.  And they are not bad as a breakfast replacement.

Bear Naked Fruit cookies

These cookies, which were very similar to the chocolate cookies in texture, were like eating a chewy, compacted disk of trail mix—in a good way.  I liked the variety of dried fruits and nuts in them, and they were definitely sweet enough without being overly sugary or cloying.

Bear Naked Chocolate Cherry trail mix

This trail mix was a good play on the classic chocolate-cherry flavor scheme, even though I felt it was a bit lacking in complexity.  You got a plain kind of earthy cocoa flavor and super-tart cherry.  Maybe it was a bit boring, but it decent enough.  Although not my first choice for a snack, that trail mix may be the chocoholic’s trail mix dream.

Bear Naked Pecan Apple Flax trail mix

This trail mix was very troubling.  Although I liked the idea behind it, the granola clusters in it tasted exactly like Play Doh.  Did I eat Play Doh as a child?  Probably.  Did I smell it a lot?  Definitely.  And it smells a lot like this Pecan Apple Flax business.  Perhaps this is a fun starter solid food for kids transitioning from a Play Doh phase, but that is about it.

Bear Naked Cranberry protein trail mix

This mix was probably my favorite.  Simple, nutty, fruity, sour, sweet—everything anyone could ask for in a good, solid trail mix.  I would take it hiking any day.

Stretch Island Fruti Co. Fruit leather

I am not normally a fruit leather person.  As a kid, I though fruit leather was the snack of children whose insane parents wouldn’t allow them fruit by the foot.  But now, in retrospect, I see I may have been wrong.  These more naturally sweet fruit leathers, ranging in flavors from apricot to apple, grape, strawberry, and raspberry, offer a lower calorie fruit snack that doesn’t turn one’s mouth blue and is still satisfying and sweet.

Annie Chun Ramen

I’m a college student.  I know ramen.  Even though I don’t really buy it myself, I have friends who live off only ramen.  And because of that, after trying the Annie Chun Ramen, I was somewhat disappointed.  Most familiar with the MSG laden Top Ramen, I felt Annie Chun’s lacked seasoning and that satisfying umami we college students grow to enjoy when we look forward to ramen.  Unfortunately, Annie Chun’s was not my favorite.

Metromint water

I have tried Metromint water before, and I have enjoyed the regular mint water and the chocolate mint water.  After trying the berry mint water, I was a little disappointed.  Rather than being refreshing and cooling, it was really just medicinal and strange.  On the bright side, that’s really only one flavor I don’t enjoy from Metromint.

All in all, I enjoyed most of my samples and would recommend them to others interested in trying these products.  Especially the cookies!  I would definitely buy those again.


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