Dear Getinmebelly, where the fuck are you?

15 Nov

I am still here!  Believe it or not, I am not dead or gone from the world of food blogs.  I’ve just been busy.  Although I don’t feel the need to give you readers a detailed play by play of where I’ve been in the past five months that I’ve been MIA from blogging, I do want you all to rest assured it was food related business.  I spent three weeks in June at the Culinary Institute of America taking my first class towards my associate’s degree there.  After that, I headed home and spent five weeks working at the legendary Momofuku Ssam Bar as an intern.  Then, I got mono and spent a week or so falling asleep at totally random times in unlikely places around the house.  I spent a few days at my grandma’s house, and then it was home again to prepare for my fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support finding a cure for breast cancer.  A week later, I found myself back in Ithaca getting ready to start my junior year at Cornell’s lovely School of Hotel Administration.  Meh.  Luckily, the semester has offered more interesting experiences beyond class time and angst-y group projects.

Let’s keep the conversation foodie, yes?  After that crazy summer, I’ve continued to cook delicious food and brew delicious beer as much as possible.  Because it would take forever to cover the past five months, though, I’ll focus on the present.

Right now, I’m sitting on my couch after a weekend of delicious New York City eats.  Since all of my roommates were going to NYC for various Hotel School reasons, they coerced me into going along, and I convinced my boyfriend he simply couldn’t stay alone in Ithaca (read: it was extremely hard for them to convince me to drive to the city for some delicious food).  After eating out a lot and emptying my pockets for my love of food, I think now to the big day next week: Thanksgiving.  So how about a look back and then a look forward?

Saturday morning, I drove a car of fatigued friends into Manhattan for the New York Hotel Show trip.  Chase and I went to my house in New Jersey to de-car-ride before going back into Manhattan for dinner.  Standing room only was worth it on that bus, I tell you.  By the time we got into the city, it was dark from the damn daylight savings time, but the night had just begun (I mean really–if we could convert all the daylight hours we’re putting in savings to money, here, we’d be out of the national red by now). The dark night slipped off with our coats as we stepped into Bar Jamón for a pre-dinner drink and snack.  Although it is a small place, it was full and sexy as hell with its list of tasty Spanish tapas on the wall and extensive wine list.  It’s tough not to be smitten holding a glass of seductive Spanish white (Godello, here), nomming on a funky octopus appetizer, and sitting across from the man of your dreams at once.  Fuckin’ A, It was gonna be a good night.

After our amazing start to a night of good eats, we met up with the rest of the droogs at April Bloomfield’s The Breslin Bar and Dining Room for a wee feast.  We sat down after chilling in the bar with some drinks; I got the “Back in Black”–a concoction of Guiness, Irish whisky,  Amaro, and bitters.  It was smooth and malty with some spicy bitter nuances, also known as my cup of tea.

We sat down in the dim dining area and perused the menu.  It was all so enticing, but I had to wonder where the meat was.  Besides a chicken dish and the famed lamb burger, the entrees were predominantly fish.  I broke out in nervous sweats searching for more entree meatiness, to find that the specials board had my beloved stuffed pig’s foot!  Yay!  But no, because they were sold out of it. Wah.  It was OK, though; I made up for lack of meat with snacks and appetizers.  Between the chicken liver pate with madeira gelee, scrumpets (braised lamb that it breaded and fried, what!), beef and stilton pie, and the scotch egg, I barely needed more meet, let alone more food at all.  For the whole week.  But that is not how I play, so we all kept eating.  Yeah, yeah I lubed up the old intestine with the Breslin’s cask ale, and I was good to go.  Chase and I split a yummy bluefish entree, and then I could truly fit no more.  Besides.  If I had, I may not have had room for the next night’s epic feast at Momofuku Ssam Bar.

Let’s cut to the chase.  Sunday night was all about Momofuku.  I hadn’t been back since my internship and wanted to visit, and besides, the food is bad ass.  Chase and I got there a little early and had some pork buns and Troegenator Double Bock while we waited for our table.  Once my friend Juli arrived, we sat down to a meal whose epicness we did not anticipate.  We ordered a few appetizers and one entree to share among the three of us and ended up receiving a mad onslaught of thirteen dishes.  It was nuts.

Two platters of delicious country ham with red eye mayo.  Sexy pieces of raw corvina with tart plum.  Uni with chawan mushi.  Chanterelles with pickled quail eggs and bone marrow.  Thinly sliced sirloin with edamame and delicious herbal lemon verbena broth poured tableside!  Spicy tripe!  Mussels with kale, apple, and pork jowl.  NOMNOMNOM.  Catfish in kabocha squash curry.  Braised goat!  Chocolate parfait with dulce de leche and delicious green tea whipped cream business.  BAHH.  This was the never ending culinary orgasm, and the pleasure on the palate trumped the pains of a full stomach right to the last bite.  Not to mention the delicious drinks we enjoyed–Leitz Riesling for Chase and Juli and the ramp brine martini for myself.  That would be the equivalent to a dirty martini with ramp brine in lieu of olive juice.  And the pan am clipper with apple brandy, lemon, absinthe, and pomegranate juice.  Refreshing.

I think the mussels stood out the most as the dish with the most interesting flavor combo, but everything was great.  How can I say no to ham?  The Edward’s ham is my favorite, but it’s hard to say that after cleaning up all four kinds.  They all rock.  The pork buns are always right, the corvina has the perfect balance of subtle clean flavor and hint of fattiness.  Who doesn’t like chanterelle shrooms?  The curry was bright.  The sirloin was tender and herbal.  The goat was funky and yummy.  Nothing came out wrong.  Although I’m still nursing a bowling ball style post-showdown gut, I’m OK for sure.

To the Momofuku team, I say thank you for a beautiful food adventure.  It was great.  I will work for you any time if it means I can cook that delicious food.  If it also means I get some extras going there, hell yes.

And now, the good times are in the past, but with some good ones coming up.  Thanksgiving weekend has grown and grown in the past couple years at my house.  This year, we’re doing a “First Thanksgiving” theme and we’ll be about 24 people with my friends and family.  AHHH!  The madness is coming.  We plan to cook a huge red snapper, venison, and turkey; tons of root vegetables, sweet potato concoctions, collards, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other delicious things.  I for one cannot wait.  Cooking all day, going outside in the afternoon to nom on some cheese and drink a Marzen beer, an amber ale, a roggenbier, or maybe a tripel will be heavenly, especially after another week of Cornell shenanigans.

Well, it’s the end of a long day.  If I can leave you with one thing, I beg you to make your own pie crusts for Thanksgiving.  It is so easy compared to how much people bitch about it.  Flour, butter and/or lard, cold water.  That’s it!  The ratio is 3 parts flour: 2 parts fat: 1 part water.  3 cups flour, 2 cups butter, 1 cup water.  Do it.  Cut the butter into the flour, add water, mix in. done.  Chill 30 minutes, roll out, cut, fill, bake!

The only decision you have to make is whether you want to use lard or butter or both.  Lard=flaky crust with good crunch and maybe a subtly piggy flavor.  Butter=tender and flaky crust with buttery flavor.  Do half and half for a good time.  Why not?  Just don’t go buying those frozen pies or pie crusts, damn it!  If you do, you may as well unsubscribe to this blog now, because I believe in you too much to have pie-faker readers.

DO it!  Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s good to be back.


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