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I Don’t Knowpenhagen

5 Aug

This is supposed to be a food blog, but I’m trying to document some travels, here, so this one particularly unfortunate post is mostly N/A with regards to categories–food, especially.  Before coming to Prague, I spent a week in Copenhagen, and having left, I realize that aside from a few key activities, I have no idea what I really did there.  I’ll attempt to explain and forewarn that the moral of this story is that four days is probably the max you want to spend in Copenhagen if you aren’t working there (mostly just because it’s not budget-friendly)…

Nothing is ever just as it seems.  Take this hostel in Prague, for instance.  It makes my Copenhagen hostel look like Alcatraz.  But had I gone from actual prison to the hostel in Copenhagen, then maybe the City Public Hostel would have seemed like the Taj Mahal.  I don’t know.  What it comes down to is that I have no real convictions about Copenhagen.  So comparisons help define the experience.

For instance:


a)     Copenhagen’s City Public Hostel was more expensive than Prague’s Arpacay Backpacker’s Hostel

b)    City Public Hostel also charged me sums of money for a pillow and sheets, while Arpacay provides these commodities for everyone without charge.

c)     City Public Hostel gave me a bunk in close quarters with smelly, travel-y dudes, while Arpacay gave me a bunk in a spacious room with circulating oxygen.

d)    At City Public Hostel, you have to stand on your head while reciting Hail Mary’s to get wifi reception, while at Arpacay, it just works on its own.

e)     City Public Hostel has black mold in its showers, while Arpacay has no mold to be found anywhere.

f)     City Public Hostel has 0 hostel bars, while Munich’s Euro Youth Hostel had 1 full service bar.

g)     Drinks sold at City Public Hostel all contain 0% alcohol, while drinks sold at Arpacay include beer


a)     Finding decent beers for $3-$4 is common in Belgium, Prague, and Germany, while in Copenhagen, you will pay around $6 minimum.  Glass wine?  Ask me where all my money went.

b)    In Copenhagen, signs advertise burgers for a mere 100 dk.  That could easily make you think…oh…maybe that’s $10.  It’s $17.  Meanwhile, in Prague, I get potato soup, duck, and dumplings for 160 kc, which is about $8. 


a)     I didn’t go to Copenhagen for the beer, but overall, the beer scene there is weak outside of the Mikkeller brand and a few others.  Most cafes serve a lot of Carlsberg and Tuborg, which are OK but not too exciting.


a)     Copenhagen has fewer amputees than Munich, resulting in more total legs per capita.

b)    People ride more bikes in Copenhagen than anywhere else I’ve been.

c)     People speak great English everywhere in Copenhagen, especially compared to…everywhere…

d)    Danish men have good hairstyles (including the buzz-cut/top knot combo that’s been gaining popularity recently).

That’s pretty much all I can really tell you.  Copenhagen is just a relaxed little city and a good place to take a boat ride or camp out in Mikkeller Bar.  I’m not hating…I’m just saying.